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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Administering Tests


Can I administer the test myself?

State laws govern this issue. Some states require someone other than the parent administer the test, others require a certified teacher, and still others make no regulations in this area. As the testing service, FLO is considered the administrator of the test. The parents serve as proctors assisting in the process. FLO believes that parents who are qualified to homeschool their children are qualified to proctor the tests.

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How do I administer the test?

Complete directions are included with every test sent out. Some of the lower grades - CAT/5 K, 1, 2, & 3, CAT Survey, 2 & 3, TerraNova 1st Ed. 1, 2, & 3, and the TerraNova (CAT/6) 2nd Ed. K, 1, 2, & 3 - are sent with separate Examiner's Manuals. For the higher grade tests an instruction sheet is included. Instructions for the BASI are included in the test booklet.

The tests are divided into sections according to subject matter. After instructions are read and clearly understood, the child begins testing and the timing starts. Each section is timed individually according to the directions.

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I didn't seem to get an Examiner's manual. Where is it?

Examiner's manuals are only included for CAT/5 Grades K, 1, 2, & 3. CAT Survey Grades 2 & 3, TerraNova, 1st Edition Grades 1, 2, & 3, and the TerraNova (CAT/6) 2nd Ed. Grades K, 1, 2, & 3.

All other tests are sent out with an instruction sheet, which takes the place of the Examiner's manual. This instruction sheet is a single piece of colored paper with the word "Directions" in the page's heading. The CAT/5 instruction sheet is yellow, the CAT Survey is white, the TerraNova 1st Edition is blue, and the TerraNova 2nd Edition is light purple. The BASI instructions are included in each test booklet.

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How long may I keep the testing materials?

FLO allows you two full weeks from the date you receive the materials to complete the testing and put it in the mail back to us.

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What if I need to keep the materials longer than the allotted time?

FLO understands that unexpected situations arise and is willing to work with you in this area. If a delay is inevitable, call the FLO office at 800-405-8378 and make specific arrangements with us.

We ask for your cooperation, as well. If possible, please return materials promptly so that others may receive their orders in a timely fashion. If you anticipate a lengthy delay, please include $10 per test booklet for each week the materials are late.

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What if I lose or damage testing materials?

Please use these materials with appropriate care. A fee of $50 per booklet is expected for lost or irreparably damaged items. To help ensure the materials are not damage, remind and monitor the students to ensure they do not mark in the test booklets. It may help to keep the test booklet opposite of the student's dominate writing hand. Keep all food and drinks away from the materials to avoid spills. Ensure the students wash their hands and do not handle the books carelessly.

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Are test prep materials available?

Practice tests are offered for grades 1, 2, and 3 at a charge of $3 each when ordered with tests. These are only of value for children who have never taken standardized tests. They contain a few questions in 3 subject areas and are intended to familiarize the child with the testing process rather than with the material being covered. These practice tests should be used the same day the test is to be given and are shipped with the test when ordered.

Formal test prep workbooks such as the "Spectrum" series are available from FLO. These are shipped WITH the test order. If you need them to be shipped separately, please place a separate order for them or add the item "Separate S&H for Test Prep" to your cart on your test order. Order at our web site or call our office at 1-800-405-8378 or 509-467-2552.

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May I omit sections of the test if my state does not require testing in those areas?

Omission of sections is the decision of the parent/guardian. Certain sections such as the California Achievement Test and CAT Survey's Science, Social Studies, Study Skills, and Spelling may be omitted without adversely affecting complete battery composite scores. On the TerraNova 1st Ed. & TerraNova 2nd Ed. the Science, Social Studies, and Spelling sections can be omitted without affecting the complete battery composite score.

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Can I copy all or parts of the test booklet?

Copyright law absolutely prohibits unauthorized duplication of the test booklets. Making a copy of the completed answer form is permissible. This could be important in the event the original is lost or damaged in shipping.

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What allowances can I make for my special needs child?

Parents may make allowances they deem appropriate as long as a detailed explanation is included with the completed test. A notation is then entered on the score sheet indicating what allowances were made. Common allowances include reading the questions to the child or not timing the test. Be aware that such practice, in effect, invalidates test scores since the precise guidelines that established the standards were not followed. Check the laws in your state for further advice in this area.

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What if I have a problem or question while testing?

Our friendly staff at FLO is usually available between 7 am and 3 pm, Monday - Friday to answer your questions at 1-800-405-8378 or 509-467-2552. You can also e-mail us as well.

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How do I return testing materials to FLO?

The packing list included with the order shows check marks for items that must be returned. Gather and package the materials in approximately the same way they were originally sent.

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