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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



What information is included in the scores?

Raw score: This is the number of questions answered correctly.

Percentile ranking: This score indicates the relative standing of the student when compared to others of the same grade. Generally, mid range scores are more frequent than very high or very low scores.

Stanine: This score ranges from a low of 1 to a high of 9, with 1,2, and 3 representing below average performance; 4, 5, and 6 representing average; and 7, 8, and 9 considered above average.

Grade equivalent: This does not mean that a student has mastered all of the skills for that grade level. It only indicates that this child performs as well as an average child would score if taking the same test. For example, a child may take a 4th grade test but score at the grade equivalent level of 5th grade 4th month in Math. This means that is approximately how a student at the 5th grade 4th month level would be expected to score if taking the same test.

Scaled score: These represent units on a continuous scale ranging from 001 to 999, and are useful for showing growth and change within the same subject matter.

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How long does it take to get the scores?

Scoring time typically takes 1-3 business days for processing and then the results are mailed to you via First Class mail. Results for groups can take 1-5 business days for processing during our peak testing months of April - June. Please contact our office, or visit the "Status" page on our web site for updates.

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What if I need the results sooner?

Results can be sent as PDF files via E-mail. There is no fee for this service, but it does have to be requested. Results can also be faxed as well. If you need special handling, call our office (1-800-405-8378) to verify the expected scoring time to determine whether or not an extra fee is necessary.

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How do I interpret the scores?

Results are sent to you along with a cover letter explaining each category of scores: Raw Score (RS), Percentile Ranking (PR), Stanine (S), Grade Equivalency (GE), and Scaled Score(SS)

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Where are scores sent?

Scores will only be sent to the parents/guardians of the child tested unless a written request, signed by the parent, instructs us to do otherwise. FLO does not report any information to authorities or organizations without written consent of the parent.

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What if I lose my copy of the scores?

Replacement scores are available by request. These can be sent as PDF attachments via e-mail and/or by First Class mail.

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After returning test materials, how can I check on the status of my scores?

Updates are available from the "Status" page of our web site.

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