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FLO Mission Statement

Our purpose is: To advocate for homeschooling and to defend the right of each family to educate their own children as they deem best. It is our intent to respond to the wishes, concerns and interests of the homeschooling community, and to report on legislative, legal and other matters relevant to homeschooling and family education.

We believe:

  • That we are to serve families interested in home education to the best of our ability regardless of race, creed, methods used, or reasons for homeschooling.

  • That families represent varied and unique perspectives on education, whether structured or unstructured, religious or secular, and that having choices and options is the best way to ensure freedom for all.

  • In keeping with our purpose, we support measures that promote parental involvement in education in all instances, even in the schools.

  • That the most successful learning experiences result from focusing on the natural learning style of the child. Since each child is unique, no one curriculum, method, program, or evaluation system will work best in every case. All decisions on such matters should be left up to the parents.

  • That parents are primarily responsible for their child's education and the state's responsibility to ensure that all children receive an education is secondary; therefore we support accountability measures that are the least intrusive and which presume the good faith effort of the parents.

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