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Teacher-Reviewed Assessments

These assessments were developed primarily for use in Washington State, where there is provision in the law for an option to the required standardized testing.

When ordering an assessment, you will receive all materials and instructions on how to do the assessment. When you return the material, our Washington State certified teacher will review the assessment to see that the basic subjects have been addressed, and will sign a form confirming that the child's progress has been evaluated in compliance with the law.

Checklist Assessment — $30 each: Under each of the eleven required subject headings is a list of skills and topics typically covered in that grade. The parent/educator checks off those skills your child has mastered during the previous year. Order by grade level, grades K - 12.

Freestyle Assessment — $30 each: This is a list of Washington's eleven required subjects which homeschooling families must cover. There is space after each subject heading for the parent to write a brief description of the child's progress in each subject over the past year. All grades use the same form. Order one per child.

Ordering the Teacher-Reviewed Assessments
To order, enter the quantity desired next to each grade level, then click the Add to Cart button.

CheckList Assessment Grade K

CheckList Assessment Grade 1

CheckList Assessment Grade 2

CheckList Assessment Grade 3

CheckList Assessment Grade 4

CheckList Assessment Grade 5

CheckList Assessment Grade 6

CheckList Assessment Grade 7

CheckList Assessment Grade 8

CheckList Assessment Grade 9

CheckList Assessment Grade 10

CheckList Assessment Grade 11

CheckList Assessment Grade 12

Freestyle Assessment Form

Important: FLO's testing and assessment services are available only to homeschooling parents. Furthermore, all tests and testing materials remain the property of Family Learning Organization and must be returned to FLO for processing. By ordering tests or assessments from FLO you certify that you are a homeschooling parent and agree to these terms.

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